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Featured Artist: Livia Falcaru

“My work is mostly influenced by personal experiences and daily life scenes with a sprinkle of fat cats. I often find myself fascinated by the emotional landscapes that people have and how they translate into our day-to-day lives. I’m intrigued equally by subtle and strong feelings. Working with emotions and trying to translate them visually came in a natural way to me over time. It was my own recipe of letting out feelings in a constructive way. I like to use my work as a catalyst for conversation on delicate subjects, such as trauma. Although most of my art is deeply personal, people usually can relate easily because emotions are universal after all. I think it’s important that we become more open about what we feel.”

Livia Fălcaru is an illustrator and visual artist currently living and working in Bucharest, Romania. Her work is above all influenced by her personal experiences as a woman living in these times. The Romanian artist often finds herself fascinated by daily life and the emotions we might all feel but never care to mention. Although her illustrations are immersed in cheerful colors, the subjects approached are usually an in-depth view of raw emotions and realities, that ultimately serve as a medium for real and honest communication.

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