Marina Kanavaki

Welcome to my page!

Painter and musician at heart [from a very early age], I studied art - design and music in London [UK] and Athens [Greece].

I am currently working at my own design studio [ANMAR creative design center], in Athens, and constantly explore new aspects of design.

A few years ago I begun a project "MARWAX" applying my design concepts on wax.

In 2013 this project evolved to MARWORKS with a broader variety of design items.

My work [painting / design] has appeared in Smith's Gallery Covent Garden in London, Epohes Gallery & Benaki Museum in Athens and the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki.

Also a member of MK-O [Marina Kanavaki & Oannes - duet in music and life], with 4 albums out so far.

Visit my site to check out what I do:

Wishing you a delightful journey!

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Prints by Marina Kanavaki

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Prints by Marina Kanavaki

Atom Flowers #34 in purple and green Art Print
Atom Flowers #34 in purple and green
by Marina Kanavaki
Little Chakra Tree Art Print
Little Chakra Tree
by Marina Kanavaki
Duality Tree Art Print
Duality Tree
by Marina Kanavaki
The Woods I Pink Art Print
The Woods I Pink
by Marina Kanavaki
Aquamarina Three Art Print
Aquamarina Three
by Marina Kanavaki
Paths of Color [Turquoise, Blue and Green] Art Print
Paths of Color [Turquoise, Blue and Green]
by Marina Kanavaki
Animal Testing - Really people? Art Print
Animal Testing - Really people?
by Marina Kanavaki
Poppies Art Print
by Marina Kanavaki


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