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About Abominable Ink by Fazooli

Hatched from an egg in Paris, France, Julie Fazooli currently resides in the Greater Toronto Area. She's spent 15 years working in the television and film industry in various positions that drove her to the brink of insanity, for a wide variety of major companies and clients that sound very impressive when listed on a resume. Currently she works as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator, offering design and illustration solutions for a myriad of awesome and fun clients, as well as running a local art collective that meets twice a week - and especially on Wednesdays to share some fromage and vino. She is also making her first attempt at writing a novel, which has been a combination of somewhat frustrating and totally rewarding thus far.

A pixel pusher, photographer, promoter of things, artist, and writer, she is addicted to the bonvivante life. Do what you love, and do it to death.
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