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About According to Panda

According to Panda

In 2012, According to Panda came to life. No longer an idea stuck in fear, it started to be implemented.

This project is Cátia Tomé’s baby. Cátia is an Art Director & Freelance Stylist, from Lisbon, Portugal. Also running a lifestyle blog. Her passion for geometry, colors and patterns are strongly represented in her work. Her blog is a kind of diary, where you can see all the smallest things of her daily life. Her store, like a child, grows slowly, with much love and affection, or weren’t the handmade things dificult children, that some days behave so good and their parents are with a smile on their faces, and other days, not so well behaved, that make us twist our noses. But that's what makes them special. And that makes us have a story to tell. That's what make According to Panda live. Stories.

And there is always one for each of us.

You can find me here:


Feel free to contact me: accordingtopanda@gmail.com
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