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The Easy Button
The Easy Button
Journal comic!! Over Thanksgiving I found my Grandmother's "Easy Button" and tormented everyone with it. SO I thought it would be appropriate :D! Dear Maggie is a journal comic I have been writing for a while. I don't know if this is ACTUALLY #16 (IMPOSTER!) but eh. I'll deal! I'LL MAKE IT NUMBER 16!

I don't usually draw this bad, but these comics are just supposed to be loose, fun, and ridiculous. And the words could maybe be rearranged but IDK DOODLEFISH! I have to draw my family members as blob people because they re-enact the Blitzkrieg every time I depict them in comics or writing or whatever. So yeah. Funny blurbs from my life.

Later ladies and gents, hope you all are enjoying winter in all its glory so far.