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Please tell me we will be, Oh, Kay!
Please tell me we will be, Oh, Kay!
"Please be mine, Oh, Kay" is a recycled skate deck, custom painted and exhibited at No Vacancy's 'Creature Feature' exhibition. Mediums include ink, acrylic, glitter and nail polish. Board is ultra smooth and sealed with a high gloss, Marine grade varnish, and is water, fade and weather resistant.

Based on my FAVOURITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME! The Creature from the Black Lagoon!
This board is the perfect ending I wanted so badly but never got. Poor Gill-man was just lonely, not a monster. Stupid so called 'Marine Biologists' and 'Ichthyologists' go shooting him in his own home, with Harpoons, and then expect him to be friendly? I think not!!

I imagine if Kay ditched that stupid harpoon wielding fiancé of hers and got with Gil, they would spend most days lying on the sand by the lagoon, swimming, catching fish and sunbathing. She could decorate his cave and knit him jumpers and he would show her all the magic of the Black Lagoon... I wish that movie had been a romance. Hahaha!

Close-up's can be seen here, as well as a couple of progess shots:

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