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Magazine Writing Debut
Magazine Writing Debut
Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to write for Photoshop Creative magazine. My writing is now starting to see the light of day.

Photoshop Creative issue 86 features my (very humble) magazine writing debut. I serve on the Experts panel, chatting about crafting goofy cartoon characters with simple shapes. I also talk about creating a simple sci-fi abstract. The editors even saw fit to give me a couple "Expert Tips."

After writing small articles for a couple issues, I've now graduated to tutorial writing. Issue 88 will feature a 4-page digital scrapbooking tutorial I wrote a few weeks back. In issue 89, I outline how to create a digital abstract from scratch using filters. I then show how to convert this to a file you can use as a wallpaper for your computer, phone, or iPad.

In case any of you catch my articles, please feel free to see me feedback… positive or negative. Thanks!
noblackcolor commented on May 9, 2012 10:23am
amazing andre!gratsy!
Andre Villanueva commented on May 9, 2012 10:25am
: )
Fabian Gonzalez commented on May 9, 2012 10:34am
congrats buddy! keep on going!
Dacquoise commented on May 9, 2012 10:54am
wah, selamat :)
nanti saya beli majalahnya.
secretgardenphotography [Nicol… commented on May 9, 2012 11:55am
Congrats Andre!!
Will Santino commented on May 9, 2012 2:00pm
great job Andre, keep it up!
Megs stuff commented on May 9, 2012 2:42pm
So cool! Good for you!
Bruce Stanfield commented on May 9, 2012 2:43pm
Hey Andre congrats! will you be doing anything on fractal images and software, people ask me to explain it and ..... I don't know how to explain it? is Photoshop Creative magazine in stores or online? I will look for it and your articles! again congrats!!
Andre Villanueva commented on May 9, 2012 4:20pm
Wow, thanks everyone! I'm very excited to be writing in a magazine. It's been a lifelong dream to have my words (and art) in print.
Andre Villanueva commented on May 9, 2012 4:21pm
Bruce, I'm not the Fractal Master... But you're in luck! The current issue (no 86) has a sweet fractal tutorial.
Nato Gomes commented on May 31, 2012 4:50am
Congratulations, Andre! I will buy the magazine to learn with you.
Andre Villanueva commented on June 4, 2012 10:20am
Thanks buddy! Let me know what you think.