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Recalled Memories - exhibition
Recalled Memories - exhibition
During September The Gallery of Art RYNEK 7 invites you to a painting exhibition of Bartosz Beda entitled Recalled Memories. The preview is going to take place on the 1st of September at 6p.m. and the exhibition itself will last up to the 30th of September 2012.

Bartosz Beda was born in Łódź in 1984, where he was developing his painting and drawing skills. He graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, and is continuing his MA Fine Art studies.

His everyday painting experience was preceded by work in a film studio – production of two movies: Ichthyc (directed by Marek Skrobecki) and Peter and the Wolf (directed by Suzie Templeton).

Painting is an everyday search for inspiration, which he gets from the Internet, TV and also from photography. These are the elements of his work in a studio, which help him to create a new reflection of the reality, with the use of a brush and gesture on the canvas or board.

Within his painting, the Artist attempts to find simple solutions, by using the gestures which are unique to each problem. He is able to work even for a day-long session, creating works which allow him to capture the freshness of a subject, gesture.

He doesn’t come back to the same painting the next day, as he believes that the impression is intangible just like the past day is.

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Beda’s new work develops his fascination with mark-making and the problem of how the work of art can contain information retrieved ­from memory. On the occasion of his solo show in Poland, Beda has created a series of works that show painted memories based on photographs and the memory of a particular place or situation. Abstract figures and objects are painted with rough brushstrokes where the image is obscured with the gesture of the marks. Beda is preoccupied with gesture as a register of carefully realised decisions and also with an intuitive mode of painterly practice.

‘Decoded Memory’ takes inspiration from research about memory and information recall by the brain and distinguishes between recognition of the image, as something required by the individual, from those more obvious instances which are taken from for example, existing family albums. There are also paintings where images were not directly used as a starting point to create the works, rather Beda has recalled the source images from memory.

Beda’s paintings are characterized by strong gestural mark making with a focus on making a synthetic summary of subject matter.