AnotherSouth - Monique M. McCullough (Author/Artist)

Monique McDonald McCullough is a born-and-raised Australian who now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is the author and illustrator of several children's books, including the Color Me Georgi!

Monique believes in beaches, playgrounds, crunchy apples, salty french fries, the occasional t-bone steak, and kale. She feels like one lucky duck because she gets to stay home with her two little bundles of joy and clean up all their sticky messes. Her goal for each day is to smell more roses and to one day have a farm in a city, with chickens.

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Stationery by AnotherSouth - Monique M. McCullough (Author/Artist)

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LOVE YOUR COLORS Stationery Cards
Stationery Cards
by AnotherSouth - Monique M. McCullough (Author/Artist)
Color Me Georgi *Black and White* Notebook
by AnotherSouth - Monique M. McCullough (Author/Artist)