About Cesar Cueva

Everyone's favorite shy-guy, hailing from Seattle, WA via Tacoma, WA, Cesar Cueva is an artist and animator formerly of Anakbayan Seattle and currently organizing with Alay Ng Kultura. His artwork and life has been inspired by many things, including but not limited to cartoons, video games, comic books, Filipino history, and issues surrounding social justice. He has studied art at the University of Washington and animation at Animation Mentor. Cesar's art has been shown at places like The Wing Luke Museum, Columbia City Art Gallery, and in online publications like Empire of Funk: Filipino Americans in the Cipher of Hip-Hop. Cesar is currently animating next generation Kinect games for the upcoming XBox One (He would be more specific, but then Microsoft may make him "disappear").
Cesar Cueva joined Society6 on July 28, 2013. Verified on July 28, 2013.