About Cailin Rawlins

If you would like to purchase an original of my art, go to my etsy page, here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AuburnCreate

This has been a slow and rather unsteady process, but the path has been rewarding.

I started art back in elementary school, but it was viewed as a way to pass the time and nothing more. I didn't even realize what I could do or become until freshman year of high school when a teacher saw one of my doodles and recommended me to the art program. I always knew I loved art, but I never thought I could be good enough to make something for the world to see.

After much growth and hard work, I've gotten the courage to put my pieces on Etsy. I now know that what I wanted to do with my life was in my subconscious all along - change a person's way of thinking or feeling; even for just one second; through my art. That enough is a reward.

Though confidence has been lost and found, (then lost and found again!) - I hope to continue down this path and learn more every day.
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