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About Aurora M.


I'm an artist living out of Brooklyn, trying to get on that sweet living life.

Things to know:
I Love to Draw
I have a cat
Love that Celestial Thing - stars
Science is Bitchin
Yes I am PADI certified
Vegan stuff is nice/And I also miss the shit outta cheeseburgers
Rocks are cool
Hey Hey Hey, smoke everyday
Ever see that movie "Something Borowed"? - Holy fuck, don't. I don't even--
Marky Mark Twain, Benji Franks and Nikki Tesla are my boys

Hell, I even got one of them degrees and shit, saying all like "You have been certified through higher learning from an established institution , that your pretty fucking awesome at this".

So aah. Buy some prints if you like.
Aurora M. joined Society6 on January 14, 2013. Verified on January 18, 2013.