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About Aurora Wienhold

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This page shows artworks of the qualified designer Aurora Wienhold. Graduated her art studies in Wiesbaden with honors, she was taught in pen and ink drawings, illustration, painting and design. Each image is created with a large amount of time and each one is absolutely unique.

Aurora is especially known for her watercolors and ink drawings, which are presented at the international art community "DeviantART" since 2009. Her works have already more than 8 million views.

She works especially internationally and has already received orders from France, Italy, Britain, Brunei and the U.S. Illustrating the New York Times bestseller "Nightingale" was one of her jobs.

BIRTH 1985


Aurora has a large family to which she has a close relationship. One of her three big brothers has supported her in drawing in the early years. She has spent a lot time in art school (for children), where she took part in painting classes, played theater and keyboard.

2004 Graduation from high school
2010 Degree from the University
Since 2010 Freelance illustrator and artist
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