Autumn Elizabeth

Autumn Elizabeth is a freelance artist and musician, born and raised in Minnesota. One can see the dichotomy of Minnesota's nature in Autumn's work as she demonstrates a fondness of gentility and sweetness, yet illustrates a strong favor of the bizarre. She has years of experience working with a wide variety of media; from the traditional craft of oil paint on wood, to modern production through digital media, Autumn is constantly at work to satisfy her hunger to create.

At the age of 8, she began her life-long journey of incorporating color, form, and sound, when she first picked up the viola. Once can see her years of study on this instrument translate into her work, as she reproduces its warmth and personable nature through neutral color palettes and rich texture. She studied painting at the University of Minnesota, where she intertwined an intense study of classical repetiore, cigarettes, and oil paint. "I have always loved the instrument's middle range. My viola's voice is like the bizarre aunt I always wished I had: voluptuous and epicurean, with a deep, smokey voice. She'd most likely smell like mothballs and have traveled with a circus at some point... I bet her name is Sylvia."

Romance of brilliant, rich, neutral colors, sweetness of an overactive imagination, and a strong appreciation for nature's oddeties give Autumn's work a charm like none other.

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Metal Prints by Autumn Elizabeth

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Marie Octoinette Metal Print
by Autumn Elizabeth