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About Brandon Christopher Williams

The coldest hours of the San Francisco mornings are between 3 and 4 a.m. Cardboard that vendors throw out at the end of an evening shift come in handy for a make shift bed. I sometimes look for empty egg cartons to put underneath the cardboard to pretend I am back in my own warm bed in that nice cozy apartment I once had. My nights are filled with time that seems to stand still, which really gives me no choice but to escape to the left side of my brain. I often dream up a warm place filled with colors, canvas, paint drips, a nice record player playing some Redding and whatever else that circulates my mind for that time. Sometimes I go back to that place where I once was so innocent…

I remember when I was 8 years old and in 4th grade. One of my teachers handed out pieces of paper for us to write down what we wanted to be when we grew up? Kids were writing down fire fighter, police officer, lawyer, doctor; all the cliché bullshit that of course wasn’t at appealing to me. So, what’s an artist to do but to write down just that, painter! I didn’t mean a house painter but I think the teacher thought that, haha . I always knew from a young age that I wanted to make a difference in this world with the god given ability that was strapped on my shoulders. I grew up in a house with 2 older brothers, one of which is a business man and another who is, guess what? An artist! I often looked up to him for inspiration he would always leave scattered drawings around the house, I would find myself scooping them up and taking them back to my room to try to copy them. That’s when I found out that I had the talent too.

Nowadays and in general for the most part the word artist is associated with just the life that I am living. However the life I am living is not because I am an artist; it’s because I didn’t make art my lively hood. I believe a good analogy in this case is; if you plant seeds and provide them with the proper variables a beautiful living thing will sprout and give a new life to it’s surrounding’s . This is what art is to me. If seeds are planted and there is no water then there will be no life, there will ne no art.

The desert: a dry, empty place filled with desolation. However, it’s a place in which there are hidden keyholes of water that can provide you with life and a way out to a better existence. Sometimes opportunities for survival are rooted in deceiving elements such as Barrel Cacti; a very spiny, hard, prickly cactus. I compare being homeless to the existence of a desert. Lonely, desolate, windy, overwhelming, hard, grueling, yet through being humbled; wisdom is gained. Homelessness is in some strange form is my Barrel Cacti; my opportunity to find the road that separate’s this existence from a world in which fruits of happiness are bared. It’s an existence that makes you dig deep and hard about who you are and how to get to where you want to be.

It’s a very scary reality to face your fears of what you want to be. It seems as though hardships are a natural part of the journey? I’m learning that if one sacrifices and works hard a new found concentrated energy is formed and a new flow created. The fear of failure no matter how big it is will be recycled into this higher concentrated form of energy. It’s comparable to the process of Osmosis; in which the flow of particles, are dependent on the concentration and not the volume (How big they are.) It’s all about FLOW!

My mornings, afternoons, and evenings these days are spent drawing, painting, researching; filling my brain with as much information and visually stimulating imagery that I can find. I spend countless hours; sketching, scratching my pen along the rough surface of the cut out white tree. The energy of creativity is alive and abundant the fear that I once had is slowly moving and joining in with the dance, getting lost. I feel as though a new horizon is waiting for me somewhere with warmth, a glow, a beautiful day, an empty room filled with white walls, empty canvases ready to be painted, laughter, wine, cheese, hugs, new found friends, family, and a big smile across my worn weathered face.

As of late I’m inspired by these emotions and surroundings. I try of late to capture what it is that I go through on a day to day basis by drawing surfaces and different elements that subliminally capture what I feel. In many of my drawings, you see the elements of wood, iron, ropes, chains, twine, cardboard, and rock. Wood to capture the rough edges that life brings, the character that one builds over time. Metal to show how tough you have to be to survive the street. Ropes & twine to symbolize hope as an element that still exists and chains which are symbolic of being stuck in one spot unable to escape the moment. The castles I have drawn show the other side of the spectrum. These magical dreamlike structures embody strength. At times they are created and meshed together in a world of dilapidation because that's the world in which we live, a mixture of beauty and ugliness wrapped together creating a new world of sorts . I suppose once my life begins to become more refined, reshaped, so will my work.
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