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Kantoren schoonmakenAbout acaciaWho we areWe are a dynamic and consumer-oriented business in Amsterdam that puts its inside and external consumers at the centre. Given that 2012, we have been offering facility providers to our business consumers, but we also cleanse skillfully in personal houses and personal house builders. We can understand assignments inside of 24 hours, seven times a week.We are consequently available 24 several hours a day, 7 days a 7 daysCleaning business Acacia attaches value to the community interest in its actions. An case in point of the social significance that cleansing organization Acacia integrates in its working strategy is ideally operating with environmentally friendly cleansing items. Some advantages of environmentally pleasant cleansing:Just as cleanse and the exact same hygiene level as chemical cleansing brokers,Leave considerably less chemical residue,Far better for the all round wellness of all employees,Considerably less harmful to the setting.Conference appointments is really critical to usOutsourcing your amenities administration to cleansing company Acacia can lead to expense personal savings for your business through our efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, you select for certainty with Acacia. We feel it is quite important to maintain the agreements manufactured.We hold daily (or periodically) workplaces, entrances, bogs, organization canteens, and all types of other issues to the satisfaction of our large and small clients. We as a result hold almost everything that our consumers want to preserve clean efficiently for our consumers.
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