OnLife's Streams

Tagline: "Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted" ~John Lennon

Devoted Father. Music Aficionado. Business Psychic. Oh and, a man who believes that everyone should get busy creating life. Live Streaming Zealot, Expert Balloon Handler (Macy's Day Parade), Aspiring Guitar Legend, Blue Moon Quality Control Inspector, Serial Chef Offender, Cheese Steak Connoisseur, BBQ Grill Master, Globetrotter (25 + countries), Social Media Junkie, "Netflixter Pro", Karaoke Enthusiast, Penn State Football Fanatic, "Ghetto-Trained Hoopster" (shoot hoops with anyone 40+ who spots me 10 points), Human Rights Activist, and Patron of the Visual & Performing Arts.

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