Fan art being taken down :(
anyone else having a constant problem with art being taken down because of copyright claims? There is art everywhere based off of Star Wars or Marvel or Rock stars ... we create this original art, and then SOMEONE makes a copyright claim.

The first thing the site wants is to know that you have WRITTEN PERMISSION to create their likeness in art.

Are you kidding me?

I create an image of Joey Ramone and sell it as art - some site that sells Joey Ramone merchandise says I infringe on their copyright. My art is pulled. The only recourse it seems that I COULD have is if I contacted Joey Ramone's estate and ASKED them if I could create artwork of him and sell it.

Aren't we - as artists - protected some how with creating our own fan art? If not, isn't EVERYTHING somehow protected under someone's copyright?

Can someone enlighten me? It seems that the odds are against the artist. We have no ability to fight back.


Pop Illustrated commented on February 18, 2013 9:08am
Copyright claims are about money and who's trying to make some. My advise would be to do some research on copyright law in relation to art, especially fan art, how it's sold (remember websites like S6 sell multiple copies of work, not one-off originals and i think this may be another issue), your rights etc etc. then cross reference it with your situation, the terms and conditions of the website hosting your work (often the deciding factor) and you might be able to sock it to them next time round! Knowledge is power my friend! Maybe check out the Association of Illustrators and any other artist support organisations and i think you could get lots of free and useful info, it just takes a bit of leg work ;-)
Greg Koenig commented on February 18, 2013 11:54am
thanks for the info. I'll check it out.

what's frustrating is that it's all original work. I could understand if I copied something and was re-selling it.