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About Calvin Clyke

Pursuing the entertainment industry with intent to become a lead illustrator or concept artist for
film, television, graphic novels, games and books.

Calvin is a multi-talented, knowledgeable and highly creative artist with a solid background
preparing illustrations for Event posters, children's books, music album covers, flyers and
business cards. He developed a small town client base and learned tricks of the industry by
helping mom and pop businesses attract local customers. He laid out and designed myspace
pages and simple websites using his creative eye to create tracings and freehand drawings
for simple duplication processes. With collaborative and interpersonal skills Calvin is
accustomed to performing in deadline-driven timeframes with an emphasis on working within
budget requirements.

After years of teaching himself Calvin has developed a strong ability to produce visually
appealing illustrations and sketches with most general art mediums. With advanced 2D skills
using photoshop he has acquired exceptional knowledge of the principles of art. A great ability
to organize ideas for presentation using a variety of media effectively. Calvin finds establishing
and maintaining effective working relationships with co-workers and the public. Exceptional
ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Exceptional familiarity with the
design and maintenance of a web site. A strong ability to develop, design or recreate virtually
anything. Ten years of volunteer and freelance experience with techniques in Character Design,
Concept Art and other related fields. Humble, modest and handles constructive feedback
with grace.

In high school he majored in art and after that studied 3D Animation at the Toronto Film School. Calvin graduated in 2004 but had a tuff time finding fulfilling work. He spent most of his time hopping to and from dead end jobs while teaching himself how to draw, paint, and sculpt using the computer. ( He also learned how to DJ and create and compose electronic music.)

He has a passion for art wether it's considered high or low, street or indoor. Creativity is deeply apart of his life. Having been almost everywhere in his home town Calvin longs to explore and expand his artistic horizons. The notion of collaborating with kindred individuals on creative projects is one of the main reasons why he posts his art online. Not only to showcase but to inspire others young and old to expand the art community. 

Since he was a kid Calvin was fascinated by design for film, fashion, games, comics and traditional animation. In his younger years he drew sketches for his friends and hanged out with other kids who would redraw comics and animated characters. Today he continues that tradition and strives to further develop his skills with the drive to achieve professional status.....but he won't stop there.

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