100 Sales on Society6!
100 Sales on Society6!
It's taken a while and doesn't add up to more than a bit of extra pocket money each month, but it's a landmark nonetheless. It also makes it really easy to work out percentages of sales. Here's some stats for you:

Medium prints are 41% of my sales, followed by Small prints (29%), then Mini prints (13%), then iPhone cases (5%).

One picture accounts for 40% of my total sold items - "Day's End", a picture of surfboards on the beach at sunset; followed by "Early Morning, Amsterdam" with 29%. The next best is my US Interstates as Subway map with just 7%. The first two items are both part of the Urban Outfitters collection, which I guess makes them more visible to buyers - although my profit margin for each UO sale is greatly reduced.

Average number of sales per month is 11.11 items. Highest number of sales in a month was 19 in August; least was 4 in April, the second month I had my store open.

Average overall dollar amount of profit per sale is $4.91. Highest profit per item month was October with profits averaging $7.79 per item (thanks, framed prints!), while in March, profits averaged a measly $3.32 per item.