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Submit your patterns
Submit your patterns
The website Patterns for Colouring is looking for your creative input. I'm currently inviting leading artists to generate patterns in their own style and I'm extending the invite to the Society 6 community.

The brief is simple: Create a black and white outline pattern in an A4 format and send it to me for inclusion in the library. Try to capture your personal style in a pattern form. I use geometric shapes but you may wish to use more organic, abstract or figurative elements. Please remember that the site is aimed at children roughly 7-12 yrs old so make your images suitable for this audience. Most image formats are acceptable. As a guide make the smallest dimension of the image no less than 2000 pixels – I'll sort the optimising. Please submit your images ASAP.

Most importantly, have fun!

Contact: submit [at] patternsforcolouring [dot] com