About The GOOD Cover Project
Since 2006, GOOD has been publishing a magazine focused on the ideas, people, and projects pushing our world forward. Each issue of GOOD explores a theme, and for our upcoming "Neighborhoods Issue" we're looking for artists to collaborate with us on the cover, and help bring the ideas of the issue to life.

Through the Neighborhoods Issue, we want to communicate that in the face of intense and speedy expansion, globalization of everything, and an often dissipating sense of community, that it's important for people to feel connected with something real and, that each person's involvement and participation in their neighborhood defines it's identity and their own.

So, for this cover project, we're looking for five different artists, each representing a different neighborhood. Specifically, we'll choose four artists from the U.S. (one from the Northeast, one from the South, one from the Middle (midwest and rockies), and one from the West Coast), and one artist from outside the U.S. to design a cover for the Neighborhoods Issue. We'll be looking for artists and artwork that can present the sense of community, smallness, and local pride that neighborhoods inspire in a fun and fresh visual way.

Ultimately, one or more of these designs will be chosen to run on the actual cover of GOOD, and all of them will be for sale through Society6 as an exclusive collection of Prints and vinyl skins, while being promoted in the pages of GOOD and on our website good.is/

We look forward to reviewing your applications and making something super fun and great.

Applications to this collaboration will close February 10th.