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About Chad Knapik

My main objective while creating my art is to challenge, question, and hopefully
inspire the intellect of my audience, while continuously expanding my concept of the
world around me. My work can be observed as somewhat controversial, but not for
sheer shock value. I merely try to grab the audiences’ attention, then present a scene
that has some ambiguous possible outcomes that may answer relevant questions.
These outcomes can just as importantly, raise more questions. To boil my objective
down to a singular statement; I like to passively guide people to THINK.

I love the inquisitive mind. I desperately try to add to the progressive movement
that will fertilize, nurture, and expand the evolution of our collective understanding of our
world. I hope, in my own way, my work can help push forward and assist that movement
as we continuously struggle to fit into our dynamic environment.

My main focus and theme throughout my artistic career has been conflict, but
also in an evolving movement to rise above it. My most recent work addresses the conflict
between the human race and our limited natural habitat. I believe we have to evolve
and learn to congregate much more efficiently and organically, in order to sustain our
species on this planet. I feel art (in all forms) is a great medium to spread this message.
I also believe a message has to be presented with a certain amount of passion, or it
will never facilitate any progress. That passion is what art has become in my life. My
undeniable drive is to create. I can’t fathom my existence without an outlet to motivate,
cultivate, and fulfill my life - art has given me a purpose.
Chad Knapik joined Society6 on November 8, 2013. Verified on November 13, 2013.