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About CharonLRobertsPhotos-Ledi Perehodov Arts

My name's Charon, I work in the Traditional medium.

Photography is more of a side hobby that I do every few months or so, but if I ever where to get into the industry I'd love to get into the fashion industry. I've been teaching myself photography since 2010 and I did do a BTEC course in it for about 2 years but I never finished it.

Anyway I'm mainly self-taught and I don't use photoshop on my work I just see the program as a method of cheating and not being happy with what you've got.

I mainly work with Traditional art mostly this is just someting I do when I have the time.

Did I mention I hate my life? Because I do and my followers constantly lie to me and enjoy it when I have days where I have breakdowns do you really want to follow me? Because I can't do anything right and I'm a failure just so you know what you're getting yourself into.

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