About Chris Kitzmiller

I remember coloring inside the lines of a coloring book on the floor of my Great Aunt’s house in Hagerstown, Maryland. A peanut butter and honey, cucumber sandwich lay half eaten on a Dixie plate near my crayon box. This is one of only a few memories of my childhood. I distinctly remember the shape of a balloon and the color red. My family and friends would tell you I have always been creative. They would say I am an artist.

My work today is a reflection of my everyday thoughts, people I know and the objects I decide to surround myself with. I also find a wealth of inspiration inside the workings of personal relationships, both intimate and casual. You don’t have to look far to understand where my ideas come from, however, I do ask you to look deep. Deep to the point where I would have trouble explaining the subject matter. Besides, It’s much more interesting when YOU make personal interpretations.
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