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At Alphabet Arm we’ve teamed up with Flagship Press to create a unique, fine-art inspired calendar. The coolest aspect is that each month will be radically different in regards to the artwork and printing techniques. Each month will serve as a handy reference to different print processes and paper stocks as well as ample eye-candy.

I designed the calendar for February.

The name February comes from the Latin word "februum," which translates to purification. After the densely-layered imagery we created for January we wanted to make something stark and elegant to purify our "design" palettes—if you will. As a studio we obsess over typography and we certainly enjoyed creating this strictly-typographic composition. Did you know that February doesn’t always have a full moon? This year it ends with one!

Production: Opaque white ink / blind emboss / Curious metallic stock
Dimensions: 7" x 10"