About Chris Tobar Art

Christopher “Tobar” Rodriguez is a local Orlando multimedia artist and graphic designer specializing in stencil art, layout design, web, branding and event planning. Working with spray paint, exacto knives, black ink pens and paint, Chris makes art inspired by the world around him. Chris has been making art for 20 years, and is a co-founder of local street artist collective B-Side artists and In progress Magazine.
Why The Gas Mask?
The mask is nothing more then my identity. The idea of it is for me to be my self, for that I would have to filter out all B.S and other unwanted troubles in life. Think as what the true purpose of a gas mask was before the war turn into what you know of it today? This also goes along the lines of any musicians/writer & visual artists who wants to be there self, they have to let the art they create be there face and there voice to who they are just to get the world to listen to him or her. In the end its just a mask, just like brand I stand behind it.

For more work visit www.christobarart.com
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