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A Message to my Followers....
A Message to my Followers....
I just spent 3 hours doing nothing but promoting and pinning your (My Society6 Followers) work! I only got to 72 of you, but I intend to promote and pin all 415 of you before I go to bed tonight, also, anyone with Facebook pages, I am friending you... If you have facebook, may I reccomend a couple of groups for you to join to help promote your work, and to learn and share.... Also, anyone who does not want their work pinned, please take the pin it button off your page, if I have pinned your work on my board and you want it taken down please send me a mesage at and I will happily remove it for you, you can see your pinned works here:
My Pinterest Board for Scoiety6... Follow me :)
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Feel free to share this message :)
Thanks and happy selling!