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Some little css3 stuff & drawings
Some little css3 stuff & drawings
I really enjoy coding with CSS3, so I made this page that collects all the little css3 stuff & drawings I create: http://www.theeggs.biz/css3/

No image, every illustration is pure CSS3, code only:
Banana / "Ceci n'est pas une banana" http://www.theeggs.biz/banana
Watermelon / "Refresh with a watermelon" http://www.theeggs.biz/watermelon
Stormtrooper / "I'm not a clone! I'm a human being!" http://www.theeggs.biz/starwars/stormtrooper.html
I-gor / "it could be worse it could be raining" http://www.theeggs.biz/youngfrankenstein