About Clara James

View more of my work at www.clarawjames.com.

I love using macro photography to create abstract compositions, whether I'm shooting rusted metal in a junkyard or a leaf in nature. I particularly like photographing in the rain as it gives my subjects a certain sheen that brings forward richer colors.

A lot of my work is about the intersection of technology and natural systems. I was raised in a rural part of Western Massachusetts, which instilled in me an innate connection to nature. This coincided with growing up in the digital age of the Internet and ever-present technology. The tension and interaction between the man-made and the natural is what inspires my artwork. Working in a digital format with a macro perspective, my photographs explore the effects of rain, snow, sun, and other natural forces on man-made surfaces.
Clara James joined Society6 on September 2, 2012. Verified on September 4, 2012.