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About Digitally Disturbed

I'm nineteen years of age and I've pretty much been drawing my whole life. I started when I was young, always drawing cartoon characters, influenced by the shows I watched. Such as, Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon. When I was in 5th grade or so, I saw my sister Whitney drawing for her art class. The illustration was phenomenal and extremely detailed. Seeing this made me want to change my style and try something else. So, I started to search images on Google and draw different things. From Mexican Heritage stuff, to tattoo designs. I really started to get deep into my art. I took and art class in the eighth grade and in there, we did paintings. This influenced me to start painting on my own, so I every once in awhile, I would buy painting supplies and paint a canvas. This continued, until I got into High School. This is where I picked up skateboarding and started to devote most of my time to it. I would doodle every so often, but mostly graffiti and random cartoons. It wasn't till about my Senior year, did I get back into drawing. The summer going into senior year, my cousin Makayla showed me an artist by the name of Alex Pardee. I instantly fell in love with his style. Drawing monsters and disturbing images based on a creative imagination and just the inspiration to see different things. So, I picked up a pencil and started to draw with this mind set. For awhile, my style was utterly similar to Pardee's. Sooner or later, I discovered many new artists, Greg Simkins, Stuntkid, NCWinters, and many more. Now, i started to develop my own style, but sticking with the same mind set as before. I think the reason I loved and stuck with this style/mind set, was because I didn't have to follow the contours of the human anatomy or the rules of the universe and society. I could just pull something out of my imagination, that didn't make sense and interpret it into my thoughts on a piece of paper. I remembered my little cousin having this drawing tablet and asked to borrow it. This is how I got into digital art. Most people say a hand painting or drawing is better and I don't necessarily disagree, but I'm still creating art with my hands. I don't copy and paste in images for texture or fonts. I draw everything on the programs from scratch or draw it on paper and scan it into the computer. Now, I would love to make a living off of doing what I love the most in life. To me, this is important, because a lot of people have talents and give them up, to get a "real job". Why wouldn't you want to give what you love a shot? If you fell in love with someone, wouldn't you give it everything you had to be with them? This is my outlook on art. I want to try my heart out to get to where I want in life. This means, going to school for a degree in art and taking the risk of trying to make it, doing what is truly important to me. My art.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy my art and my story.
Cody Garza
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