Collaboration Closed on: December 9, 2009
EA has teamed-up with Society6 to curate 10 artists who will create original artwork to commemorate the first 10 years of The Sims! The work will be available for sale as Prints and widely promoted. Artists must be willing to sign a licensing agreement.
10 Years. 10 Artists. 1 Collection. The Sims.
2 months ago marked the beginning of a collaboration with EA and 10 members of Society6 who each created an original artwork to commemorate the first 10 years of The Sims.

EA is now proudly promoting the resulting Collection to millions of fans worldwide through various marketing and pr initiatives!

Please join us in congratulating the artists and check-out the work of all 10 here
Announcing the 10 Artists for The Sims 10yr Anniversary Collection
We are pleased to announce that each of the following remarkable artists will be collaborating with us to create an original piece that will be made available for sale as part of the Print collection to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of The Sims!

Please join us in congratulating:

Aurélie Grand

Ben The Illustrator

Blaine Fontana

Dane Flighty


Matt Lyon a.k.a. "C86"



Simon Kim

Steven Bonner

Look for the resulting works available right here on Society6 towards the end of January!

Thanks again to everyone that participated.
Applications now closed for The Sims 10yr Anniversary collaboration
Thank you so very much to everyone that showed interest in working with us on what promises to be one of our most unique and high-profile collaborations to date on Society6.

We are now in the process of inviting the 10 artists to commemorate the first 10 years of The Sims with us, and look forward to sharing the work in late January!
Artist selection begins this week for The Sims collaboration
Hey everyone, just wanted to thank you all for your interest in helping us commemorate the first 10 years of The Sims, it's going to be solid.

As you know, we're ultimately looking for 10 artists to collaborate with us on this project. We're going to start inviting some people in this week, so look for an email shortly!
Collaboration with EA for The Sims 10th Anniversary
In case you didn't notice, we've just posted a huge collaboration opportunity with EA

What this means is, we're going to curate 10 artists who will each get to create an original work inspired by The Sims.

If it's not cool enough that you'll get to commemorate the first 10 years of the best selling PC franchise in history (it's that big) about the fact that the awesome folks over at EA are going to widely promote your work for sale right here on Society6!

Sounds like the making of a lot of eyeballs on your work and some dough in your pocket to me.

Don't miss this one, it's going to be good.

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