Collaboration Closed on: March 19, 2012
We're looking for contributors to participate in our first edition, full color, internationally distributed art book. Please apply if you are interested! You will be notified upon acceptance into the project.

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"All Rights Reserved" book available now from Society6
Please join us in congratulating the contributors to the first edition of "All Rights Reserved" featuring the original work of 47 Society6 Artists:

Alexey Luka / Andy Gonsalves / Budi Satria Kwan / Caitlin Hackett / Casey Weldon / Chalermphol Harnchakkham (aka Huebucket) / Charles Glaubitz / Chris Seddon / Corinne Reid / Alvarez Ortega Bianchi & Ignacio Garcia Zuloaga (aka Cucacolor) / David Fleck / Dilka Bear / Doug Smock / Eben A. Kling / Elle Moss / Farizwan Fajari (aka Speak Cryptic) / Gianmarco Magnani / Heather Landis / Jack Teagle / James Docherty / James Murphy / Jon Fox / Jonathan Lax (aka Yonil) / Josh Neal / Karien Deroo / Kavan / Laura Berger / Luke Ramsey / Mariana, a Miserável (aka The Miserable One) / Matthew Korbel-Bowers / Maxime Francout / Meni Tzima / Michael C. Hsiung / Mike Force / Muxxi / Nicholas Lockyer / Ruben Ireland / Sandra Dieckmann / Scott Listfield / tchmo / Teagan White / Terry Fan / Topiltzin B. M. (aka Topiz) / Valeriya Volkova / Wasted Rita / Wilmer Murillo / Zansky

Get your copy of All Rights Reserved here

Check out the accompanying All Rights Reserved collection here

Thanks again to everyone for your participation and enthusiasm for the project, the resulting book is of the highest quality.

“All Rights Reserved” is not just a title, it is the very reason Society6 was created - to empower the world's artists to profit from the sale of their artwork, without giving up control of their rights!


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