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Collaboration Closed on: August 13, 2009
We will publish one artist's work as a run of 100 24 page zines. b/w photocopy. More details will be given at the time.
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Craig Atkinson's Café Royal publishes 'This Is A Zine' Gemma Correll
Another collaboration http://www.society6.com/collab/Cafe_Royal_Zine_Publishing gone good!

This time, Craig Atkinson http://www.society6.com/studio/craigatkinson, who founded Café Royal in 2005, added the talented Gemma Correll http://www.society6.com/studio/gemmacorrell to his stacked list of published and distributed zines and books.

As always, you can't have our copy, but you can pick-up your own beautiful piece of Gemma and Craig's work here http://www.caferoyal.org/index.php?/crp/this-is-a-zine---gemma-correll/


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