Collaboration Closed on: March 7, 2017
We're looking for FIVE artists for a limited edition run of dad hats and pins for S6! We'll be working with Valley Cruise Press - a rad 'zine publisher and producer of ultracool accessories - to bring 'em to life. Apply now and help us bring amazing artwork to some supertrendy products. Deadline to apply is Monday, March 6.

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Valley Cruise Press Collab Opportunity: Dad Hats & Pins!

Society6 is teaming up with Valley Cruise Press, a lifestyle brand that was originally founded in 2014 to publish rad 'zines. They've since grown into a producer of unique fashion and accessories, while staying true to their art-centered roots.

Learn more about Valley Cruise Press.

We're Doing Dad Hats & Pins!

Why? Because they're super popular and every time we see them we think: 'Our artists could TOTALLY crush it with those.' Valley Cruise Press is killing it with 'em already - plus they work with some really cool artists - so joining forces made total sense. 

Want to apply? Scroll to the bottom of this post and look for a box with the 'Apply' button. You MUST be on a desktop computer to apply. 

5 artists will be selected to collaborate.

  • No new artwork required to apply
  • Must apply by Monday, March 6
  • Selections will be notified via email
  • Final artwork for selected artists due Tuesday, March 15
  • PLEASE only apply if you can commit to the deadlines
  • We will consider ALL candidates - it helps us connect with our growing community

Artwork Info

  • Selected artists to supply artwork: 1 design EACH for Dad Hat and Pin
  • Limited edition 100 Dad Hats and 100 Pins per artist/design
  • Artist will receive guaranteed royalties for ALL hats and pins with their designs
  • Hat designs are 3/4-inch to 1.5-inch printable area
  • Pin designs are up to 1-inch printable area
  • Detailed specifications to follow in selection email

New Collab Opportunity: Dad Hats & Pins!

New Collab Opportunity: Dad Hats & Pins!

Look forward to seeing everyone's applications!


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