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Collaboration Closed on: June 18, 2009
We'll take your image and create a beautiful Plywerk for you to sell, show off, smell, touch (you will want to), maybe sleep with and definitely love. Show your love today!
Awarded to:
'Emergence Print' by Gavin Potenza on Plywerk
What do you get when you cross a handmade, ready-to-hang, quick-growing sustainable bamboo and FSC certified maple plywood panel with a thought-provoking designer, and drop-in some Portland, OR?

A 12x18" Plywerk by Gavin Potenza of course!

We're always happy to report back on things that take shape through Society6, and this collaboration between Gavin and our friends Kjell, Kim and Johnny over at Plywerk is really fun.

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of of holding a Plywerk in your hands, let me tell you that it feels really nice (and the shipping packaging is very impressive too). The Plywerk crew provides an easy, sustainable, and no nonsense solution to get your photos and art displayed on the wall.

Here are a couple of photos of the Plywerk by Gavin Potenza that can be purchased from Gavin

Or you can go to upload your image, make your choices, and have your own work sent to you. You can also pick-up a couple Blank Panels and get lost: paint straight onto the panel, use them for mixed media collages, screen-print directly onto them, create an encaustic, etc.
Plywerk Prodeal Discounts
You have an image, you love it, everything in the image does what you like and you wouldn't change it for the world. Then you have to display it. This is where we like to come in. We've developed a unique and elegant way of displaying art and photography without taking anything away from the original image.

If you're an artist, photographer or student and you show or sell your work, you qualify for a 20% prodeal discount, with no minimum order and no sign up. And as we build up a partnership, further discounts are available. So go to and select Prodeal to find out more and order your Plywerk. Also, check out our current grant offer: (Current at time of posting.)

TTVPDX ( partnered with us in creating their show at the J Cafe in Portland, OR. Unbeknown to us they posted this cool video of the show.

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