Collaboration Closed on: April 19, 2016
Apply for a chance to design your own Society6 x in4mation Snapback Hat. To be released and sold exclusively on Society6 and in4mation's websites.

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Contributing Artists Announced: in4mation x Society6 Snapback Hat Collab

One month ago, we launched a Snapback Hat collaboration opportunity with in4mation - a Hawaiian mainstay brand. After combing through nearly 1,500 applicants, I'm proud to announce the FIVE artists chosen to collaborate. It was not an easy feat considering how many awesome candidates there were. As a hat fanatic, I want to personally thank absolutely every single applicant who took the time to read and apply.

If you weren't selected, please keep an eye out for more opportunities in the future. We're a small team keeping a big ship afloat, but always looking for unique opportunities to bring our artists deeper into the fold. Whether that's this collab, some crazy 18-wheeler dragging art around in a mobile gallery with Uber or an Art Quarterly featuring 50 active artists in our community, we recognize these as a chance not only for you to get your work out there, but for us to get to know our community better too. Feel free to give a perverbial high five to the contributors in the comments below.



Hollis Brown Thornton

Casey Saccomanno

Galaxy Eyes




Finally, we're a few months out from a product launch, but we'll keep everyone posted when we're gearing up to release these Limited Edition hats. Thanks!


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