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Collaboration Closed on: July 21, 2013
We're looking for contributors to participate in our next self-published, limited edition zine entitled "Vacancy". Please apply if you are interested! You will be notified upon acceptance into the project.

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Announcing the contributing artists for "Vacancy" zine
We are pleased to announce that each of the following artists will be contributing to "Vacancy", a short-run art book collaboration with Society6.

Featuring the original work of:

Aaron Cahill (aka NGHBRS)
Bene Rohlmann
Douglas Hale
Eric Petersen
Hiroshi Yoshida
Jacques Maes
Jamie Gee
Lala Gallardo
Lorin Brown
Martín Orza
Matthew Goik
Maude Cournoyer
Neil Leverett (aka Lev Man)
Norman Duenas
Tom Kitchen
Tracey Slater

For those of you that haven't received an email invitation yet, we're doing everything we can to squeeze a few more pages out for you too.

As soon as we wrap-up production on the zine (on-sale Fall 2013), we will begin curating the accompanying collection that will be featured in the Society6 Shop.

Thanks again to everyone for your participation and enthusiasm for the project. Looking forward to the next one!


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