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Collaboration Closed on: September 4, 2009
Dibec collaboration with Plywerk
Congratulations to Dibec for another successful collaboration with Plywerk! More work from Dibec here:
Collaboration Closed on: August 29, 2009
Jesse Draxler, Bloodtime and WAFA...thanks for the tees
Wanted to say a big thanks to Jesse for surprising us with a few t-shirts resulting from the American Apparel collaboration What you are witnessing is an actual re-creation of our experience at the Society6 mailbox this morning.. Hand pulled screen prints on American Apparel tri-blend jersey tees and hand crafted packaging, you can't go wrong. Pick-up a few for yourselves over at their respective shops: WAFA http…
Collaboration Closed on: August 20, 2009
Congratulations to TAKAO AOYAMA!
TAKAO AOYAMA receives the Format artist Feature. More from TAKAO AOYAMA here:
Collaboration Closed on: August 13, 2009
Congratulations to Nimit Malavia
Nimit Malavia to receive the LeBASSE Projects: Solo Show in our Gallery II More work from the talented Nimit Malavia here:
Collaboration Closed on: August 13, 2009
Craig Atkinson's Café Royal publishes 'This Is A Zine' Gemma Correll
Another collaboration gone good! This time, Craig Atkinson, who founded Café Royal in 2005, added the talented Gemma Correll to his stacked list of published and distributed zines and books. As always, you can't have our copy, but you can pick-up your own beautiful piece of Gemma and Craig's work here…
Collaboration Closed on: August 9, 2009
Special thanks to UPSO for a great collaboration
Thank you to UPSO for curating our show, a great experience with great art.
Collaboration Closed on: August 7, 2009
Congratulations to Greg Terry for receiving the KRFTD artist feature
Greg Terry, the next creator the world should look out for. Look for Greg's interview with a showcase of his work on
Collaboration Closed on: August 6, 2009
Jacob Livengood receives 4by6 Artist Promotion Kit
Congratulations to Jacob Livengood and thanks to 4by6! More from Jacob Livengood here:
Collaboration Closed on: August 5, 2009
Joe Van Wetering receives Design For Mankind artist feature
Congratulations to Joe Van Wetering for receiving the Design For Mankind aritst feature! More of Joe Van Wetering's work here:
Collaboration Closed on: July 31, 2009
Pikaland Exposure Grant goes to Craig Atkinson
Congratulations to Craig Atkinson for receiving the Pikaland exposure opportunity! Read the full interview with Craig here: View more of Craig's work here:

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