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Collaboration Closed on: July 28, 2009
Andrew Groves' "Fungas Man" tee for the Threadless Select Series
This past summer we worked with our friends at Threadless to create the unique opportunity for an S6 member to contribute to it's distinct line "The Select Series". For what I hope will be the first of many solid collaborations with the Threadless crew, it is my pleasure to share the resulting work "Fungas Man" from the talented Andrew Groves You can pick-up your very own …
Collaboration Closed on: July 24, 2009
Nimit Malavia receives Sezio Creative Stimulus Package
Congrats to Nimit Malavia and special thanks to our friends as More work from Nimit Malavia here:
Collaboration Closed on: July 18, 2009
Limited Edition screenprint from collaboration with max-o-matic now available
We couldn't be more excited to bring you the result of our collaboration with max-o-matic, now available for purchase exclusively through Society6 as an Edition of 100. Buy it here: We first met Barcelona based Máximo Tuja (aka max-o-matic) back in June of 2009 when he agreed to collaborate (read experiment) with us to create and offer the first Limited Edition screenprint ever through Society6 http://www.…
Collaboration Closed on: July 9, 2009
Lloyd Eugene Winter IV collaboration with Pinball Publishing
The results are in, Pinball Publishing's Scout Books are rad. Thanks to Nicole (and the other friendliest people on the planet that are Pinball Publishing) for sending us the product of their collaboration with the talented Lloyd Winter A Scout Book is a 100% recycled, pocket notebook with your art custom printed on the front and back cover using soy inks and choice of interior page design (I lik…
Collaboration Closed on: July 5, 2009
Steven Bonner typography collaboration with YouWorkForThem
Congratulations to Steven Bonner for his collaboration with YouWorkForThem. More on the YWFT blog: More of Steven Bonner's work here:
Collaboration Closed on: July 3, 2009
IdN V16N5 Featuring Society6 member Matt Lyon a.k.a. "C86"
A few months ago, we had the pleasure of collaborating with IdN to help them identify an artist for IdN V16N5 the "Editorial Design Issue: mad about magazines", you can see all of the insane talent that participated in the opportunity here We're pleased to report that the ink is drying and the issue is all set to drop towards the end of October featuring Society6 member Matt Lyon a.k.a. "C86", c…
Collaboration Closed on: July 2, 2009
JOSHUA PETKER receives Rec Center Studios opportunity
Congratulations to Joshua Petker for snagging the Rec Center space for a day. More work from Joshua Petker here: Rec Center Studios is on the east of Los Angeles over in Echo Park. You would have no idea how cool the space is unless you were in it, even from the street. It used to be a bowling alley and real rec center, though rundown. It was gutted and designed into a perfect shooting and event space with every detail thought through. It's been use…
Collaboration Closed on: July 2, 2009
Daryll Peirce receives BUS gallery opportunity
Congratulations to Daryll Peirce for receiving the BUS gallery membership. More work from Daryll Peirce here:
Collaboration Closed on: June 18, 2009
Offering Artist Representation to help an established or emerging artist advance their career, ($500 Value). Services include project promotion, monograph publishing, Certificates of Authenticity, etc.
Awarded to:
Collaboration Closed on: June 18, 2009
'Emergence Print' by Gavin Potenza on Plywerk
What do you get when you cross a handmade, ready-to-hang, quick-growing sustainable bamboo and FSC certified maple plywood panel with a thought-provoking designer, and drop-in some Portland, OR? A 12x18" Plywerk by Gavin Potenza of course! We're always happy to report back on things that take shape through Society6, and this collaboration between Gavin and our friends Kjell,…

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