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Collaboration Closed on: July 2, 2009
We will provide you the use of our Los Angeles studio space and equipment for one day. The day is based on availability and will be mutually agreed upon. All types of artists are welcome to apply.
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JOSHUA PETKER receives Rec Center Studios opportunity
Congratulations to Joshua Petker for snagging the Rec Center space for a day.

More work from Joshua Petker here:


Rec Center Studios is on the east of Los Angeles over in Echo Park. You would have no idea how cool the space is unless you were in it, even from the street. It used to be a bowling alley and real rec center, though rundown. It was gutted and designed into a perfect shooting and event space with every detail thought through. It's been used for many big shoots in LA and has also been used for some cool events like a Sneaker Pimps event and recently a Ting Tings concert.


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