Collaboration Closed on: March 21, 2014
Your artwork featured in a S6 Tee Collection exclusively for Society6!

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Announcing the S6 Tee Collection!
After much deliberation, sleepless nights and heated debate, we're finally unveiling the S6 Tee Collection! There were so many amazing designs to choose from and we did not anticipate the challenge we'd have to narrow down the final selection.

We'd like to congratulate Josh Ln, Mister Phil and Nick Nelson for their inclusion as our featured artists. You can see their S6 Tee designs in this post and find them in our Editions page here –

But there was just way too much stellar work to choose from and we couldn't stop there. So we've curated the other top picks from around the team into a slightly larger collection - check the rest out here:

This was an awesome collaboration and we'd like to thank all the participants for showing us their support and putting up some truly phenomenal work.

Thank You!


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