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Collaboration Closed on: March 21, 2014
Your artwork featured in a S6 Tee Collection exclusively for Society6!
Announcing the S6 Tee Collection!
After much deliberation, sleepless nights and heated debate, we're finally unveiling the S6 Tee Collection! There were so many amazing designs to choose from and we did not anticipate the challenge we'd have to narrow down the final selection.

We'd like to congratulate Josh Ln, Mister Phil and Nick Nelson for their inclusion as our featured artists. You can see their S6 Tee designs in this post and find them in our Editions page here – http://society6.com/editions

But there was just way too much stellar work to choose from and we couldn't stop there. So we've curated the other top picks from around the team into a slightly larger collection - check the rest out here: http://society6.com/tshirts/s6tees

This was an awesome collaboration and we'd like to thank all the participants for showing us their support and putting up some truly phenomenal work.

Thank You!
S6 Tee submissions must be posted by Thursday, April 3rd
Hey guys, thank you to everyone who applied for the S6 Tee Collaboration! Now that the application is closed, we wanted to take a second to remind those who DID apply that you have SEVEN days left to post your submission for possible inclusion into the Society6 Tee Collection!

Some quick tips and reminders to help you navigate this collaboration:

1. When designing your tee, keep in mind that the file should be 3300px wide x 5100px high and that apparel graphics tend to look better when they are placed toward the top of the tee (closer to the neckline). The file must be uploaded as a transparent PNG. (More info here: http://society6.com/help/tshirts )

2. Please use the title of your work as the title of your post AND please use the words "S6 Tee" in the description of your post (even if that is the entire description).

3. You will be notified via email for inclusion in the collection.

Loving all the work that has been submitted so far. We can’t wait to see the rest!
NEW Collaboration: S6 Tees!
Hey guys! I’m excited to introduce myself to you here on the S6 blog.

After being a Society6 member and actively posting art for a few years, I finally weaseled my way onto the raddest team in the world as Senior Designer for Society6. My main focus over here is to make sure your art is presented in the coolest way possible, whether that be here on the blog, in emails, on our homepage or plastered across the worldwide web!

And now that that’s out of the way, I’m thrilled to introduce our next collaboration project:

Design a Society6 branded tee that you’d be proud to rep and never want to take off!

All you have to do is 'apply' for the collaboration, create your Society6 t-shirt contribution (you may create and post more than one design), and post it for sale as an art print and a t-shirt. We'll then curate a tee collection that will be featured in the Society6 Shop and through our various communication channels.

Some things to help you navigate this collaboration:

1. Please click the purple "apply" button for The S6 Tee Collaboration, only if you intend to contribute. You must apply by no later than March 20th to be eligible to participate, and your work completed and posted by April 3rd.

2. This is your chance to create the “must have” tee for artists and Society6 enthusiasts alike! You can reinterpret the Society6 or S6 logotype anyway you can imagine – draw it, paint it, warp it, scrap it and start from scratch – whatever! The tee designs below are just a few examples of the millions of ways you can work it. So put on your creative pants and have fun with this!

3. Please use the title of your work as the title of your post AND please tag your design as “S6 Tee” in the description of your post.

If selected, you will be notified via email, and your designs will be added to a collection where everyone can shop them and rep our awesome community!

If you'd like a refresher on the best file preparation for T-shirts, go here: http://society6.com/help/tshirts

Updates to follow. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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