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Collaboration Closed on: June 4, 2009
Participate in the first ever grant on Society6. This grant will test out the system and make sure everything is working well. Although modest, this is a REAL grant and is open to artists and people from every creative discipline, from all over the world.
Awarded to:
Congratulations to Dibec!
Today was an exciting day for Society6. We awarded the first ever opportunity grant on S6. We'd like to thank everyone who applied and participated. This is just the beginning.

More amazing photography work from Dibec here:
Apply Now: Applications are closing for the society6 introductory grant
Hey everyone, we wanted to let you know that the application period for our introductory grant will be closing in 3 days.

Take a few seconds to apply with your studio and get some nominations to help you become a finalist for selection. For a full explanation of how the society6 grants system works see our GUIDE TO GRANTS

Other grants will be closing soon as well, so check them out too:
Open for Applications
Our first grant is up and open for all to apply. Applying is super simple, just select your studio and click "submit application". YES, it is that simple. you'll need to get verified as a user first, but this is very simple as well and you only need to do it once. have fun!
Our first micro-grant in the new system!
We're extremely excited today, our much anticipated grant system is complete. We've launched it with a small money grant from us (S6) that is open to all artists, from any country in the world.

After much discussion about how the system would work, we decided to make it open so anyone can "Give a Grant" of either money or opportunities. Applicants will be nominated by their peers, and the grant giver will decide the winner and award the grant. We started with this first grant just to test the waters and make sure everything is running smoothly, you will see new grants popping up shortly. We hope to continue to see grants of all kinds with different focuses, opportunities and amounts.

As usual please share your thoughts and ideas about Society6 grants.

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