Collaboration Closed on: September 4, 2009
How's this?

1. We send you ten 6x9 blank bamboo Plywerk panels (with or without adhesive).
2. You get creative, put them on sale or on show and photograph your creations for us.
3. We promote you through our online network and newsletter.

Awarded to:
Dibec collaboration with Plywerk
Congratulations to Dibec for another successful collaboration with Plywerk!

More work from Dibec here:
Plywerk loves you
We're a small company based in Portland, Oregon. Our mantra? "Sustainable photo mounting & bamboo art panels". But we're more than that really. The main thing is that we love art and we love helping artists... and we love Portland. So that works out quite well really.

A lot of our work is done with artists and photographers. All of whom are after an original way to display their work which isn't just mass produced foam board. Machines can't infuse their products with arty love, we can! Every Plywerk is handmade here in Portland by a small group of Plywerkers. We even have Stevie Wonder on repeat in our studio to add that extra bit of loving into each Plywerk panel.

So, if you're interested in Plywerk check out our website, check out our flickr with images from other artists using Plywerk and you should definitely apply for our current grant. We're giving the winner 10 6x9 bamboo Plywerk and a bunch of promotion for what ever they end up doing with the panels.

Finally, congratulations to Gavin Potenza for winning our last grant.

The Plywerkers x

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