Collaboration Closed on: December 15, 2009
IdN and Society6 are now curating the work of approximately 50 artists and designers from around the world for a new publication called "The New Twenties". Please apply if you are interested! You will be notified upon acceptance into the project.
IdN Extra 03: Society6 (The New Twenties)
Featuring Society6 artists exclusively, contributors include:

ABOVE / Andrea Forgacs / Andreco / Andrew Groves / Anthony Zinonos / Ben Chlapek / Blaine Fontana / C86 - Matt Lyon / Cayetano G. Valenzuela / Charles Clary / Chow Martin / Chris Piascik / Chris Thornley / Clemens Behr / Colin Jenkinson / Craig Matchett / Crayon Dreamer / Daniel Lucas / Daryll Peirce / Dean West / Emory Allen / Famous When Dead / Gemma Correll / Geoffrey Agrons / Glenn Arthur / Heroes & Villains / Jacopo Rosati / Jacqueline Kari Bos / Jennifer Daniel / Jerzy Goliszewski / Jesse Draxler / Joe Van Wetering / Jon MacNair / Jonny Wan / Joshua Agerstrand / Julia Sonmi Heglund / Julian Callos / Keflione / Laura Gee / Laura McKellar / Lillianna Pereira / Lloyd Eugene Winter IV / Marco Puccini / Matt Scobey / Matt Taylor / Max-o-matic / Mete Yafet / mrYen / Natalie Nicklin / Nazario Graziano / Oh Yeah Studio / Onesidezero / Overture / Pascal Hoayek / Paul Octavious / Stephen Chan / Steven Bonner / Visual Narcotics:20mg

This book is the result of one big happy collaboration with IdN

Announcing the contributing artists for "The New Twenties", a book from IdN and Society6
We are pleased to announce that each of the following artists (collectives) will be contributing to "The New Twenties", a book collaboration with IdN and Society6 set to be released this Spring:

Thanks again to everyone for your participation and enthusiasm for the project!
Friday is the last day to apply for the IdN "The New Twenties" book collaboration
Thanks again to everyone that has applied. The selection process has not been easy, but the results look really promising.

We still have 4 or 5 spots available!
We're adding 10 more artists to the IdN "The New Twenties" book
Because the response has been so great, we are now looking to include 60 artists in the book, as opposed to the original 50!

So far, 46 of you have now received the official invitation and we couldn't be more excited about every single contributor.

For those of you that haven't received an invitation yet, we're doing everything we can to squeeze a few more pages out for you. We greatly appreciate all the interest in this project, thank you and thank you.

For those that have already received the invitation (and to the 14 more artists that will soon be added to the project), we'll be getting the submission details out to you shortly. For now, please think about the 5 pieces that you'd like to submit and I'll follow-up shortly with more details.

Thanks again everyone!
We're extending invitations to participate in the IdN book this week
Hey guys, just wanted you to know that we're going to start bringing people into the book project this week. Thanks so much for all the interest and support! We're just beginning the curating process, so not everyone will get an email this week.
Artist selection for IdN/S6 book starts soon
Hey guys, just wanted everyone to know that with the new Collaborations system on S6, we're no longer waiting 30 days to start bringing you into projects (like we used to do with Grants).

So, I'm going to be working with Jovan at IdN over the next few weeks to start bringing people into the fold! So watch for an email from us soon...
"The New Twenties", a book collaboration with IdN
I'm proud to announce that we've teamed-up with our friends at IdN to bring you "The New Twenties" - a beautiful publication that will be jointly curated and then produced and distributed by IdN.

The purpose of the book is to create a tactile experience focused on showcasing the talent of the emergence of a new school of artists and designers.

Unrelated to age, "The New Twenties" represents not just an innovative and unique aesthetic, but how this new creative class successfully promote themselves and each other. 

I'll be posting more information about how to get involved within the next few days, so please stay tuned!

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