Ian Cooke Tapia

Ian Cooke Tapia is a Panamanian illustrator and writer who wants you. He wants your very soul and devotion like a twisted idea of a benevolent spirit-turned-dictator. And to do that he has been very, very busy crafting images. Oh, that is how he is to earn your devotion and immortal soul, with images that will simply make you say "waoh". You don't believe it? Just take a look at his gallery.

Ranging from digital and traditional, Ian Cooke Tapia uses a plethora of media to successfully present his work. From inks to watercolour, passing through digital painting and vexel art, Ian Cooke Tapia can do a lot of things and he has to be able to do a lot of things to better capture all them tasty, crafty souls of yours, right? Oh, he'll get your love! Mark our words!

Why don't you take a look? I am sure you'll find something to your taste. And if it isn't to your taste then why don't just get it for someone you know?

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