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Introducing Jibsey & Jess.
Introducing Jibsey & Jess.
Jibsey & Jess are a sweet doodle couple who came to life whilst I was going through a tough time with my health. I was sat with some scrap pieces of paper and a pencil, boredom doodling, not particularly paying much attention. I started to look through the squiggles and odd looking animals I had quite carelessly drawn on the crumpled scraps of paper, when I noticed these cute little doodles among the scribbled chaos. There began the story of Jibsey and Jess. I adore these darling little doodles and I hope you do too :)

It seems that these two little darlings are slowly capturing many hearts, This is the very beginning of this love story, there are many more Jibsey and Jess antics to come :)