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About Cynthia Adams UK

I was always interested in artwork but never really attempted to develop skills as life tends to take over!
Born in Worcester almost 61 years ago,I married a Cockney and moved away from my family and friends to the Big Smoke,and have regretted that move for 40+ years.
Residing in Essex now, I long to go home,even though I have family there and here,my roots are well and truly "Back Home".
Having retired from work,this is where time was on my side and I could dabble in arty things for the first time in my life.
I paint in Oils on Canvas and every piece of artwork I create is just my imagination working overtime.
There is nothing better than to be faced with a blank canvas,having no preconceived ideas of what I will paint until the job is complete,which is normally a landscape where Peace and Tranquility emerges most of the time.
I have held exhibitions and soldwork in the US,Spain,Netherlands and here in the UK.
My biggest achievement was selling 9 Originals to a gentleman in Wales,who was enamoured by my imagination and the ability to paint without thinking or planning.
Recently,I was told I had an Abdominal Aortic Aneurism and to say this hasn't affected me would be a lie,knowing that at any time I could pass away in the blink of an eye,but at least the doctors will scan the problem every year and keep an eye on this "Time Bomb" to make sure it doesn't grow too large and burst.
People say I'm lucky it has been found,but I beg to differ!
Unable to paint anything due to circumstances beyond my control,I just have to "Hope"
that I will be able to paint again and live for the moment.
I sound really miserable but as it's early days since diagnosis,I am still in shock.
Anyway,I hope you enjoy the work I have created over these last 10 years or so,so have a wonderful day and enjoy your journey through my portfolio.
Thanks for looking.
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