Pinterest and an Abduzeedo Daily Inspirations Feature
Pinterest and an Abduzeedo Daily Inspirations Feature
Hey guys,

Two quick news titbits here.

The first being that, after a dialogue with another [and far more awesome than me] Graphic & T-Shirt designer, I decided to spend a quiet week or so on Pinterest…

And found, despite all the copyright woes I’ve heard since last year, it’s actually rather fun!


I haven’t made too many boards [I think…] xD

I’m still learning my way around the pinning world [AKA I didn’t get that #t-shirts wouldn’t work as a tag, but instead #tshirts] – but I’ll be pinning graphic design inspirations, clothing I personally want in addition to new pieces, so you’ll learn abit more about me from it too.
I only kindly ask that you at least include a hashtag of #resurgencetees in your repins [if only so I can follow the spreading trails now and again]. :D

And lastly, that my personal http://society6.com/DanBevis/Once-Upo...hole_Print submission was successfully put on an Abduzeedo Daily Inspirations post this week - http://abduzeedo.com/daily-inspiration-1252

Never been on it before, so it's nice to be recognised [and my work at least seen by a fair few people]! :)

Well, I think that’s everything. Happy pinnings, and I hope you all are having a good day.


P.S. - I wish the new series of OUAT was starting here in the UK tomorrow night too. :(

~ Dan